Enhance Employee Productivity - Find the Right IT for Your Needs

  • Research and recommend the correct fit of IT Hardware & Software that meets your business and budget needs.
  • Hardware: workstations, peripherals, mobile devices, audio/visual equipment
  • Software: operating systems, office productivity tools, medical support software

Connect Your Employees Together In and Out of the Office

  • Network setup and support with, servers, switches, wireless access points, cloud services
  • Employee Connectivity both at the office (wired and wireless) and remotely (VPN and other services)

Ensure Data Security and Data Recovery Services

  • Business Continuity using top Cloud Solutions for proper and secure data backups using Industry Leading products.
  • Data Security using firewalls, anti-everything (spam, virus, malware, ransomware, etc...), user security levels and password access controlled through state of the art MFA (multi-Factor Authentication)

Minimize Employee Downtime

  • Constant system monitoring, automated fixes and reports
  • Quarterly audits & planning meetings, budgeting equipment upgrades
  • Employee training
  • Regular onsite visits
  • Issue ticketing system with Client Portal access and regular reports on issue status and resolutions.
  • Triage process to prioritize issues and needed response time.
  • CCN resources work outside normal business hours, remote access to systems and onsite visits as needed.
  • CCN resources act as liaison to hardware & software vendors that client uses.

Next Steps...

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